Question about Find-as-you-type

I've started using DOpus a few days ago and am liking very much, except for one small thing:
Can I somehow make FAYT search for the string that I put in it not only at the beginning of the file name, but also in the middle, if the string isn't found at the beginning of any files? For example, if I type 'b' and I only have file 'abc.exe', I want it to be selected, instead of FAYT going into error mode and saying 'nothing is found'. Is there a way to do it?

Before you start typing, push * to open the Filter Bar, and you can then type a substring and see all the files that contain it while hiding the others.

(You can also configure things so you don't have to push * and filtering is the default as soon as you start typing, if you want.)

I don't like the Filter Bar because it requires at least two additional keystrokes (enter to finish entering the filter and at least one arrow press to select a file), and besides I don't want to filter everything else out. :frowning:

You can do filtering using FAYT instead of the Filter Bar (via a couple of changes on their respective Preferences pages), which would let you push just the down-arrow after typing the filter, saving one keypress. It'd still be filtering and one extra keypress, of course.

Not exactly what I wanted, but it works. Thanks for the help. :wink:

One last question - is there a way to make such filtering behaviour of FAYT default (without opening the Filter Bar), so I don't have to add a key to activate it?

Apologies, I thought there was but on trying it it's only the FAYT field's Find mode, or the Filter Bar itself, that can be configured to activate as soon as you start typing. The FAYT field's other modes require a keypress, sorry.