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Question about Libraries and File Collections


Directory Opus was recommended to me in a Windows Userforum when I was asking about a specific file management feature that I am looking for.

I understand that Directory Opus supports Libraries (I don't know if it enhances the Libraries features though) and that it has it's own similar system called Collections. There is one feature which I would need when working with Collections, but I don't know if it's supported. Maybe someone can help me out.

Collections would only be useful for me if I am able to access the files inside a collection directly from another program. For example: Can I place "files" inside a Collection and then access this "folder" from the "open file" dialog inside of another program? Not drag'n'drop or rightclick and do a "open with"! - I need to be able to go File>open>CollectionXY\image.tif right inside any application and see the contents of a collection in the file dialog.
If the answer is Yes, where are the collections located?
In case the answer is no... is it possible to add single files (instead of only whole folders) to Windows libraries with the help of DO?

I hope the question was not confusing... in case it was please let me know and I'll try to make it more clear.


Collections are not visible to other programs, unless they are specifically written to talk to Opus (there are a couple of different API which Opus provides for accessing collections as well as importing/exporting them to text and XML files).

(It's also possible to write a shell extension which makes Opus Collections work within all standard File->Open dialogs, and someone did that once, but the project was not maintained and had some stability problems that were never ironed out. It also wouldn't work with 64-bit Windows. In theory someone could write a new one, but it would require someone who knows how to write Windows code and it's not something we plan to do ourselves, at least in the near future.)

So collections probably aren't suitable for what you want.

Switching the discussion over to libraries, while you cannot add an individual file to a library, you could create a shortcut to a file within the library, which I think would get you the same sort of result.


Thank you for this very detailed answer.


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Is it something new in this case?
As I understood, it is still impossible to write path to any collection in windows explorer because they are invisible in windows.
May be DOpus can collaborate with Link Shell Extension or not?
Can you recommend it as independent tool for creating Virtual Folders?