Question about move

I moved 59 files from one directory to another and after I was done the new directory was 7 files short. During the move there were files with the same name and I renamed them one by one by hand. I suppose I must have missed some and some files were replaced instead of renamed., I have the log file of the move but I don't suppose there is any way to tell if a file was over written, is there?

I noticed that the files I moved did not show up in the file log, I tried to do an undo move (even though I knew any files that were over written were lost) but would that remove their names from the file log?

There is nothing I can do to recover those files is there? (except maybe an undelete file search)

Files overwritten by a move would need an undelete tool to get back. I don't think the logged information is granular enough to say which files were overwritten.

But check that the destination folder doesn't have any filters applied, which could be hiding some files. (There will be a red Hidden count in the status bar if anything is being hidden from display, assuming the default status bar configuration.)

Thanks Leo I will check. I am surprised that the move function defaults to replace and not the safer option of rename. Is there a way to make rename the default option? I read the help file but did not see that option.
Thanks again.

There's a WHENEXISTS argument, but if you used that it would be the action that took place automatically, not just the new default, so you probably don't want that (in most situations; it's useful for special buttons, of course).

Replace is the default in every file manager I've ever used, FWIW. Most don't even let you rename, or didn't until fairly recently.