Question about pre-allocation with copying files

I'm thinking about purchasing software called "Flexraid":

There are two ways of using it and I'm considering the "Real-time" functionality.

On this page, there is a point which concerns Directory Opus: ... and-donts/
"When using applications like torrent and the likes, do enable the option to preallocate the files. This helps create less fragmentation within the FlexRAID filesystem and increases performance and resource utilization. Also, when copying files, use a program that pre-allocate the file to be copied. Some programs fail to pre-allocate and end up creating too much fragmentation. Essentially, avoid using anything that creates too much disk fragmentation with RT RAID. If you must use such program, then you must create your RT RAID using a larger Minimum Allocation Size (See this forum post)

When copying files into the pool use Windows Explorer (or Linux equivalent). Avoid TeraCopy! TeraCopy fails to pre-allocate files and creates unnecessary fragmentation. Instead, and if you are not a fan of Windows Explorer, use tools like UltraCopier, FastCopy and KillCopy (make sure to configure them to pre-allocate on file copy if that’s not the default)."

So Teracopy is BAD for FlexRaid.

My question is: Will Directory Opus be okay? I simple want confirmation that Directory Opus pre-allocates files the same way Windows Explorer does.


Yes, Opus pre-allocates files when copying.