Question about set description


Hi have a folder whose preferences i have set to show a few specific columns, one of which is description. The folder and child folders in question contain pictures. What I want to do is set description on the parent folder and have that description propogate to all the child folders and files so i select the check box when assigning a description, however it does not propagate down. Even if the parent folder only has files in it. Under the description of the picture in that folder it will simply show the dimensions of the picture. If i highlight all the files and set description that way, then it shows my description then a hyphen then the dimensions.

Simply assigning a description to the parent folder and checking the box for "set this description for files within selected folders" does not seem to have any effect at all.

Any ideas?

I agree that the "Set this description for files within selected folders" checkbox does not seem to work as advertised, I can't see where it does anything at all either. For me, I've been getting around it by putting DOpus in flatview,grouped mode then selecting the appropriate group of folders/files and applying the descriptions then.

I also know what you mean by the dash followed by image dimensions in the description column for known image types. Awhile back I filed a feature request to make the automatic image size calculation (in the description column) an option that we could turn on or off.

I agree with disabling the auto dimensions showing up as a description. There is already a column for that, so y not just have users enable or disable that particular column as needed

I find it really useful to only need the Description column on but still get a good summary of information for most filetypes. Unless I need to sort by the dimensions it's great to not have to manually switch on the height/width columns to see that information and the Description columns saves space when you're in a directory with lots of different filetypes since you get everything in one column rather than having to add in several extra columns per type of file, most of which will be blank for most files...

If you set a text description for a file then I think it always overrides anything else which might appear in the Description column so the worst it can do is clutter things up, really.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

Well in most situations Leo, I'd agree with your assessment.

However when you have a series of directories, each holding 1000 or more digital photos that are 8 megapixel in size, it takes a small eternity each time DOpus goes to one of those folders and starts calculating the size of each image. To the point where I just go do something else for 3-4 minutes until it's done. If the description column image sizes were cached it might not be so annoying, but they don't seem to be.

Yet I can see why some would like it to stay the way it is, that's why I'd like to see it as an option so those of us who do find it annoying can disable it.

To the point where I just go do something else for 3-4 minutes until it's done.[/quote]

You don't have to wait for it - it's all done on a background thread at a lower priority. You can carry on using Opus as normal.

Actually it does not override it. All setting a description manually does is add it to the photo's dimensions.

At the very least caching the description info somewhere like the thumbnails would be a big plus. Sure a dir on the HD with 1000 photos is fine and dandy but what is more annoying is when you stick in a dvd with mp3s, pictures, or tv shows or whatever and it starts reading the description. If i come to watch a tv show that is burned to dvd and there are like 12 others on the same disc, the playing of the video is choppy until DO has finished reading the entier folder. Most of the time it is quicker to open the file and then backspace out to the parent dir where there is nothing to "read"

However, sticking to the main topic, it would be nice to "fix" the set description function so that when you check off that box, it sets the same description for all sub folders and files. Sure I can set DO to flat view and do it that way, but that means extra steps for nothing. The program already has the feature there, but its not working right :slight_smile:

I appreciate the weigh-in Jon and I see I should have been more specific. I realize that DOpus does do the image size calculating in the background, however it would be so much nicer if that calculation could be optionally halted altogether so I could sooner get back to my usual business of pushing my HD & system to the max at whatever it is I'm doing that day. :smiley:

A "stop generating descriptions" button/command would be nice in some cases, I agree. Mainly when I've gone to a network drive full of video files and generating the description columns is using a reasonable amount of bandwidth and slowing down other operations to the same file share.

(Of course I've turned off the description column on network drives, but sometimes I end up going to one with it on.)

FWIW I've been thinking about adding description (etc.) caching to the Ogg/FLAC plugin so that when I enter flat mode in my albums directory all the titles appear much faster. If Opus did this automatically for all filetypes it'd be pretty cool. :slight_smile: