Question concerning Select DATE

I´m using following code:


It seems, that with no further qualifier the option "both" (for modified & created) is used. But how can i include another modifier like created?
Select DATE,created=<3days or Select DATE=<3days,created both don´t work.

No, see the manual. By default, only the modified time is used. You can specify created or both to change that.

Select DATE=created,<3days

Thank you, Leo. There is one thing i´ve noticed, which doesn´t seem quite right. It looks like this new function is able to "look into" folders,
if new items are included, but only in the basic version (without "created" or "both"), which is fantastic.

However, with the modified version, like the one you´ve suggested, i can dig into the folders found, & if i reuse the function, it will always select the first folder, independently of
there is a new item included or not.

I don't think it looks inside of folders. Are you getting confused by the fact the folder's own timestamp changes when files are added/removed/renamed inside the folder?

Yes, that must be the reason to trigger that, then. The bottom line is, that it hints me, if some new or changed files are included. :thumbsup:

Folder timestamps are not a reliable indicator for that, though. They're a hint sometimes but they won't always change when the contents change (it depends how they were changed).

Yes, that´s true, since in some cases i wondered, what actually triggered the finding of some folders, which haven´t been touched since longer time in any other way
than opening files, that is, clicking MP3s.

By the way, could you confirm, that there will be always the first folder filtered out, when diving into a folder hierarchy? For Example, when i run the function on my
music collection on M:, the first folder/category will be filtered out ("Blues"), then, inside that directory, the first folder will be selected, & so on. It happens in any
folder i am testing here with the altered code containing the additional both/created parameters.