Question: How to get different behaviour when copying from different "paths"

I have a wish, but I dont know how to make it come through.

1: I copy a lot of files OUT of zip-files, rar-files and other "packs" in my hobbies and work.
When I do this I wish the copy-routine to just put the copying into the queue (down in the operations-field at the bottom of the window), and not show the big copy-window with the speed and stuff.
2: When i copy anything else, files from a drive to another, a directory to another directory I want the behavior that is standard in dopus, showing the big window after X seconds and so on...

Is there a way of making an "intelligent" copy-button that differensiates if the files is from a packed file (rar, zip, 7zip) and do it one way and standard for anything else?

You can use @ifpath and @ifpathr (regular expression version) in normal buttons to do different things in different paths.

Scripts can do more complex tests if those aren't enough.

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