Question: SetAttr META & @confirm

Since i tend to forget the usage of this command, i've tried to combine it with some @confirm dialog. However, the SetAttr box opens up first, waiting for the input, while the @confirm is shown afterwards.
Looks like the @confirm can't work prior to the main command. Maybe some new @info function would be good for cases like that, to give a short description of the command, before it's actually used.

Of course i know, we have the "tip" field for buttons, but i use the most commands via shortcuts, so they are not available in that mode.

@Confirm Format: +0:3|continue|abort @nodeselect SetAttr META "datetaken:{dlgstring}"

would look like so:

@Info Usage: +0:3 (just showing the information. Any key press would continue)
SetAttr META "datetaken:{dlgstring}"

Why not put the help text into the dlgstring dialog itself?

Indeed, that works very well. Cool. Thanks again, Leo. :thumbsup: