Questions about USB export feature


I have some questions about the new USB export feature, please.

Firstly, if I export DOpus to my USB memory stick to use on my laptop, will DOpus still work on my PC or will I need to use the USB stick on both systems?

Secondly, if I export DOpus to my current USB stick, will I be able to export it again when I buy a new USB stick? I have a basic 1GB stick at the moment, but I would like to buy a larger U3 USB stick within the next few months.

Thank you very much for your help.

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(Disclaimer: I don't represent GPSoftware so the answers below are my understanding of the license agreement and GPSoft's answers to similar questions in the past.)

Yes, Opus will still work on your PC. When you buy a USB export license it is in addition to the standard license. So with the usual single-machine license plus one USB export license you can install Opus on your PC, plus a "personal laptop" (if you have one), plus a USB stick. (The "personal laptop" provision is part of the single-machine license.)

Yes, so long as you delete the copy on the old USB stick you're allowed to export Opus to the new one. (You can buy more than one USB export license if you want to have Opus on more than one USB stick at the same time.)

I still have questions about upgrading my USB drive. I see what you wrote Nudel but, the help file says "The export of your program certificate is locked to the device that you export to".

So, if I decide to buy a new USB stick, how can I export again. Does DOpus track that I already exported to my old stick? I want to go ahead and export but if I am tied to my current USB drive then I might wait until I buy a new one (which I'm currently not planning).

Also, after I export, can I change the configuration of the USB version? Or, am I set with what was already exported?

No, Opus doesn't track exports. USB export licensing works on an "honor" system (that is, we trust you to only export to as many devices as you have licenses for.)

So you can re-export to the same device as many times as you like, and if you get a new device you can export to that one too (as long as you delete the exported copy off your old USB stick first)