Queue window vanishes


First of all thanks for this great tool. I've been a Directory Opus user since the Amiga days.

I'm encountering an issue when doing the following in commander mode:

  1. Move large files from location A1 to B -> Move operation starts
  2. Move another set of files from location A2 to B while 1) is being processed -> File move operation is queued. Popup appears with queue options.
  3. Browse away, from the source lister -> Queue window disappears, queued operations are not performed upon completion of 1)

I may have missed something, but this is something I can reproduce in all cases.
Any hint?

OS: W7-x64 - Dopus: x64.

Is the progress dialog not just hidden behind the lister window, if you move or minimize the lister out of the way?

No. As stated in 3) -> Queued operations are performed. i.e. no queued operations anymore.

Sorry, I misread "not" as "now" in part 3.

So the initial move completes, but there's no progress dialog for it anywhere, and the queued move never starts?

How are you performing the two moves? (Drag & drop, toolbar button, etc.?)

What types of folders are involved?

Yes, the queued move never starts.
I'm moving 2-3 Gb AVIs using drag-n-drop holding shift key.

Any clue?

( It might take a while to reply to some threads at the moment as I'm ill. :slight_smile: )

What types of folders are involved? Network drives? (If so, which kind? Windows servers? Linux? NAS devices?)

Simple local folders on 2 different drives.

Am I doing the same kind of thing in these two videos?

Is there anything different about what I do/see in the videos and what you do/see on your machine that might help us reproduce what you're seeing?

[ul][li]Video: Moving files via drag & drop[/li]
[li]Video: Same again but copying via toolbar this time[/li][/ul]

The only thing I did different from the video was using right mouse button-move instead of shift. Everything runs as in the first video but things just stop when I click the "up one level" button as you do at 0:12.
I tried with drag-n-drop + shift to move as you do. Same results, when I move away from the 2nd source folder, the queue window scrolls up, as it does in the video BUT BEFORE Task 1 is completed. Then the queue window vanishes while queued Task 2 is not performed. I'm thus never able to queue a third Task. NOTE: If I leave things as they are after queuing Task 2 (i.e. not navigating away from 2nd source folder) then BOTH queued task complete successfully.
I just upgraded to 10.1 but results are the same. Put this on hold, I think I'll disable all taskbar icon apps I can to see it it has any impact. Wait for my results.

Okay, let us know what you find.

It's really weird that changing directories in the lister is affecting the copy/queue as the lister's current folder and the copy operation should not affect each other at all.

Some ideas that might help. This is all guesswork, of course!

[ul][li]If you're running any tools that change the way windows behave (e.g. for moving or sizing them, or minimizing them to tray icons etc.) then they might be a factor.
[li]Or any tools which might monitor or react to Opus changing directories. (e.g. There are some tools that can read the current directory out of an Opus window and use it as their own current folder, or tools which tell an Opus window to change to a directory.)[/li][/ul]

Different actions:
[ul][li]If, instead of navigating away from the 2nd folder, you switch the file display to Thumbnails mode, does anything happen then? (That would cause a command to run, and the file display to re-draw, like when changing folders but without actually changing the folder.)[/li]
[li]Assuming you're using a dual-display window, what happens if you click on the other display after queueing the 2nd task? (Assuming the directory names are different, that would cause the window's titlebar to change, like when changing folders.)[/li][/ul]

If you find anything suspicious and want me to try similar actions or settings, or installing other software, just let me know and I'll try to set it up and see if I can reproduce what you're seeing.

First tought of VNC because of the weird hooks it uses but the guilty one is Actual Tools Multiple Monitors. It expands the window taskbar across monitors. Lots of hotkeys and stuff.

actualtools.com/multiplemoni ... r_taskbar/

I uninstalled the software. Just ran a 7 items queue without an issue.
I knew it couldn't be my favorite file manager. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for tracking it down!

I've installed that tool and reproduced the problem. So far, it looks like the tool may be causing its own hidden windows to open and close within the Opus threads/process, I guess to trick the taskbar into doing different things, and that is confusing the queue-progress dialog in Opus, as it thinks it is closing (it is not expecting any other window to exist on the same thread as it, since Opus never creates such a thing).

A lot of that is guesswork at the moment. We'll investigate some more...

I've confirmed my guesses now, and we'll have a workaround for this in the next update.

Looks like Actual Tools Multiple Monitors hooks its code into other processes and is written in Delphi, which has a tendency to create hidden windows in any process its code is loaded into, which the host process may not always expect.