Quick Access - Windows 10 - Issues

I did a search on this, but I'm not sure I have a full understanding of the problem.

I use the Quick Access feature often in Windows 10. I understand that Explorer and Opus are two entirely different things. However, while I can see Quick Access in Opus, I cannot drag-and-drop items (only add them via right-click), nor can I re-order them by dragging in Opus.

In the search, I came across a rather old thread about drag-and-drop in Quick Access not working through Opus. Is this still correct? Or am I missing a setting that can be changed?

Lastly, if drag-and-drop in the Quick Access is still not possible, is there a way to quickly switch between Windows Explorer and Opus?

Thank you in advance!

As far as we know, Windows doesn't provide a documented API to do any of that with Quick Access, so you need to reorder the folders using File Explorer (or a File Open dialog).

The Tools menu has an option to open Explorer in the current folder.

Thank for the information. I kind of suspected that Microsoft restrictions might be the reason behind this, if it turned out to be insurmountable. I'm using Favorites instead, which works just as well for me...and which makes it that much easier to say "yes!" to purchasing Opus. Which it looks more by the day what we're going to do. Much appreciated!

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