Quick File Filter for file CONTENTS; Preview Autohighlight

Hi forum,

Having used the File Filter Field (killer feature!) thousands of times, the following continuation of the underlying idea came to my mind.

Very often I have to look up the occurrences and context of a certain search term not only within one file but in like half a dozen different files all contained inside a folder with maybe five dozen files.

To do this, at the moment I have to open the Dopus search pane, run a search for the files containing the search term, and then -- for every single file found -- do another search for the same search term, inside the preview pane.

This is not only very time-consuming and rather inconvenient, but also limited as the search inside the preview pane does not work for all file types (e.g. not for *.mht and *.html-files).

So how about a Content File Filter Field that does the following when a search term is inserted:
[ol][li]search the contents of the current folder for files containing the search term; and[/li]
[li]auto-highlight (and auto-jump-to) the first occurrence of the search term inside the preview pane for every subsequently selected file (ideally even if the respective file is a *.html or *.mht file)[/li]
[li]Ctrl-G for example could then jump to the next occurrence of the search term inside the preview pane; Ctrl-H or a respective button could be used to highlight all occurrences of the search term inside the preview pane.[/li][/ol](see below "screenshot" of what the Content File Filter Field does)

I hope I have managed to point out what I think could become a very useful addition to Directory Opus,


Sounds like the Find in Files feature of programs like Visual Studio and TextPad.

They do a search of file contents (like Opus already does) but the resultant list shows the matching lines (so you can instantly see the rest of the line which matched, which is often enough to find the files you're after without matching a load of others). You can then double-click the item in the list and it'll open the file at that line.

I've got no idea how much work it would be to add this to Opus but I'd also find it really useful. (If TextPad had a way to launch a Find-in-Files from the command-line then I'd be less bothered, but having to launch TextPad, click a button, browse to a directory, etc. is a pain I'd love to avoid.)

Adding it to Opus would probably not be trivial. Apart from making Find Results tell the viewer to open a file as text (makes no sense to use any other plugin) and at a particular line, the Find Results collection would have to have new columns for Line Number and Line Contents and also allow more than one result per file (since several lines in the same file may match).

Hi and thanks for the response.

You are right in that this feature is not absolutely trivial to implement (at least not for a Dopus user...) - however implementation should not be too difficult let alone impossible since the steps included ("find files", "find text occurrence", "highlight occurrence") all are already present in Dopus.

I'm wondering if, and how, the above feature suggestion will eventually make it through to the development team - is there a standard procedure for this?


If you want to make an official feature request you should use the GPSoftware Support page. GPSoft do monitor this forum but they can't guarantee that they'll read or remember all the messages. If you submit something via the official form it will be added to a database so it can't be forgotten or overlooked.

In terms of whether the feature will be implemented (and if so when), I don't know, but I'd certainly like it as well for what that's worth.