Quick filter colours on background

I really like the change color on the background "When quick filter is active". Is there a way to do this with the text also? I use to change the background to black while filtering jpg's, but then I can't see the text. Because it's black.

Only the background color. The expectation was that you'd choose a background which your text was still readable on.

Otherwise, we would have to provide, and you would have to configure, a huge number of alternative colors for every type of file and folder, selected and non-selected, when in filtering mode. (And then another set for source vs dest backgrounds, etc.) That would become very hard to manage, so it's best to just choose a color that works with your existing colors and not try to invert things in different modes.

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Ok. Agree. Is there a way to make a button change color on text?

Not sure what you mean, sorry. Could you give an example?

To change the color of the File and folder Colors / Unselected text color.

( I found a middle way. Dark grey on the text. Works on white background, and a bit visible in "dark mode")

Not via a toggle button, but you would have to change a lot of other colors, not just that one, if you wanted to temporarily switch to a background color where your text colors are no longer visible.