'Quick IMPORT' of DPS settings

Hi there,

Particularly while trying to help other people on this forum, but also for my own experimentation I VERY often export/import my Dopus settings... I was stoked to see a Prefs IMPORT function, but it seems to only work on the older/smaller .dpf files and NOT on the newer overall DPS 'settings' files. I was hoping there was a way I could set up a double click or context menu to 'FORCE' an import of a DPS file without having to go through the little settings menu... Any chance of this quick shortcut functionality in an update?


Have you tried adding IMPORTFLAGS to your "Prefs IMPORT=xyz" command?

The documentation suggests it lets you import everything, not just the things that could be saved in Opus 6:

(Sorry for screenshot instead of text paste. Seems Adobe Reader 7 can't copy blocks of text properly, on top of its other bugs. Nice.)

Hi again Nudel and thanks, but it just seems like the Prefs IMPORT functionality simply isn't compatible with the newer .DPS exported settings files. Attempting to Import an exported .DPS file using this command with or without the IMPORTFLAGS parm results in an error like the following:An error occurred importing prefs file '%1.dpf': The system cannot find the file specified. (2)So without much experience with pre-v8 Dopus, I'm inclined to assume the Prefs IMPORT function was intended ONLY for the .DPF files you can still get 'out' of the newer .DPS files if you rename to zip and extract them (per Tanis) and that it was never updated to support the raw .DPS exported settings?

Are you trying to make a button which imports the selected file? The %1 suggests that... If so you'll need to use dopusrt to insert the selected filename into the command.

Well, it was a context menu entry... but same difference :slight_smile:. And sure enough it appears to not have been executing the way I intended with the %1. But, here's another way to look at it:

  • Using dopusrt per your suggestion shows that the command is properly passed the selected file - still doesn't work.
  • Explicitly name the file for the IMPORT/O parm - doesn't work.
  • Do not try to specify the selected file at all, and instead the 'Select Preferences Files' dialog appears, which by default is specifically looking for 'Directory Opus Prefs Files (.dpf)... if you change that selection to 'All files', you can browse and find your .DPS settings file and click the Import button - doesn't work.

In all cases the failure is:An error occurred importing prefs file 'My dopus settings.dps' File is not a valid exported Preferences file.'So, I know you were making suggestions based on the particular error I had reported at first, but it stills seems to me without a doubt that the Prefs IMPORT command does not understand the .DPS exports.

Just wondering if GP had enough on this to verify it was a valid feature request. Not a terribly huge deal... but it would be nice to allow for real quick and easy switching between configurations while testing.

Yes ok. It seems a fair request:)

We have added this to the consideration list for inclusion in a future update.

Well that's great, thanks a bunch.