Quick Launch Tool Tips

How do I change the Infotip text that I see when I hover over a saved lister file when they are on the desktop / in the Quick Launch bar?

Specifically, I have saved a layout onto the desktop which has the tooltip: Directory opus Command: Load the saved lister layout 'VC Latest'

How can I shorten this to 'VC latest' since the icon tells me the rest?

The Quick Launch bar does not show filenames so I cannot use that as an alternative.

Many thanks


Not sure how you would modify the tooltip of an actual layout file... but at least for the quicklaunch bar, you might want to put a shortcut to the layout file instead of the actual layout file.

The easy way to do it is to not put the actual file on the desktop, instead put a shortcut to where the file is stored in your computer on the desktop. To edit that shortcut tooltip, just right click over the shortcut and set the COMMENT to be whatever you want. Another advantage to using shortcuts on the desktop instead of placing actual files there, would be safety. If anyone happens to delete a desktop icon, only the shortcut would be deleted, not the original file or program.

Likewise in the Opus Quicklaunch toolbar, in customize mode, simply enter what you want in the TIP section of the dialog box.

Thanks John ... works like a charm :smiley: