Quick preview for raw files?


I recently re-installed my OS on a fresh HD - including re-installing DO.

When I hover the mouse on top of a .jpg file I do get a preview showing up with a thumbnail of the image as well as some exif information.

Doing the same over a .nef (Nikon raw file), I just get the very basic file information (date & size).

I would have bet, that I had quick previews for raw files with my previous installation - so I checked all the relevant settings in "Viewer - RAW digital camera" but whatever I might be setting there - I do not get the quick preview to show for .nef files. I do get a preview of the .nef files in the preview pane though. I´m running the latest DO version 9.5.60 in 64 bit on Win7 64 bit.

I searched the forum but did not find any relevant postings - only some threads about the plugin being now integrated in DO.

Any idea what I could miss - or is my memory about quick previews for raw files wrong?

Thanks - Peter

If you go to Settings/File Types/System File Types

Then scroll down until you get to the NEF file type, edit it, and look to see how the NEF file type Info Tip is configured. If it's not similar to the screen grab below, change it so it is.


That section was totally blank for .nef in my installation. Now shows previews after making your proposed changes.

Can´t remember I have made those changes to my old installation - but anyhow - it now works.

Thanks a lot for your fast help!

Regard - Peter

Opus 10 came out two weeks ago, by the way.