Quick question on selected file/folder highlighting in 12.11

As promised, you now have added the option to turn off "Visual style overrides file selection colors" while still using visual styles otherwise, which is great.
There is one observation, however, that slightly puzzles me: It looks like the highlighting color is slightly different for the last file that's been clicked on (or the last one in a group created by dragging). This effect can also be seen in the help on that option:

It doesn't really bother me, and this might even be useful, but I wonder: Is this an accident, or is there some particular intent behind this?

P.S.: It looks like the last selected item is highlighted in the same color that results from hovering with the mouse pointer over any of the already selected items.

It's probably the item with keyboard focus.

Does it move when you hold Ctrl and use the Up/Down Arrow keys?

Ahah, yes it does.