Quick Search doesn't navigate folders in network drives


I have the latest version of DOpus installed.

I find that if I search for a file, using a partial filename in a network folder (\SERVER\x) then it will not find any matches if the matches are more than 1 directory away from directory being searched. In other words, it will find matches if they are in immediate sub-directories, but not sub-sub directories.

This seems fine with my local drive (i.e. c: drive)

Is this a setting i'm missing?


Does Windows Explorer do the same thing? What you're seeing may just be the behaviour of Windows Search on unindexed/network drives.

If you use Tools -> Find Panel in Opus, you can do the same type of operation using Opus's built-in functionality, which does not rely on Windows Search.

Thanks. Yes, this appears to be Win explorer behaviour. Find Panel in Dopus does indeed work, whilst explorer doesn't. Possibly because its a windows home server share? Regardless, dopus finds it - so that's good.