Quick search for multiple files with the same first letter

In Windows Explorer if I press a letter, say A, the app selects the first file/folder in the list starting with A. Pressing A more times goes to the second, third, etc. file starting with A. How do I get this behavior in DO? If that is not possible what is a fast way to go to the third file starting with A by using the keyboard?

Basic Concepts / The Lister / Find-as-you-type Field:


One small difference between the FAYT's Find mode and the traditional "type to jump to a file" feature in Explorer arises when you want to skip through multiple files beginning with the same letter. For example, in Explorer if you wanted to skip through all files beginning with N, you would simply press N N N N... to jump from one file to the next. In Opus, doing that will actually search for a file beginning with "nnnnn". Instead, to skip to the next match in Opus you press F3 (and you can press Shift-F3 to skip back to the previous match). If you'd like to change this behaviour to be the same as Explorer's, set the fayt_firstchar_repeat option to True on the Miscellaneous / Advanced page of Preferences.


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