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Quick Search syntax for files with numbers in name

I am having trouble with matching file names with number in quick search.

I have a file named
Something 12-34.txt

and I would like to search on '12-34'. But typing '12-34' gets nothing. As does '-34' or '34'. Typing '12-' gets other files with '12-' but as soon as I type another number, they all go away.

How is the pattern matching done, and how can I search for files like that?

Do you get any results for any search? If not, Windows Search is probably broken on your machine. (This has happened to a lot of people lately after various Windows 10 updates. Search for recent threads on Windows Search for possible solutions.)

Using the filter bar (* key by default) is easier, if you don't want the search to be recursive.

If you want a recursive search, using Tools > Find Files can do that via Opus's internal functionality without relying on Windows Search.

Prefixing the search term with an * seems to work. Not sure why, at first I thought you would need to escape the hyphen, but couldn't find a way to do it.

I'd only use the Windows Search if I needed the specific search criteria.

( via!Documents/Windows_Search.htm )

Quotes around the string may work "12-34" to prevent the - being interpreted as meaning a range of numbers (although I didn't seem to need it; may depend on locale settings or Windows version maybe).

Using the asterisk gave the best results. Thank you for that. Although *1-56 would get both 1-56 and 12-56.

And for some incomprehensible reason using a single or double quote like '1-56, would get 12-56 but NOT the 1-56 I was looking for.

Whatever logic is there escapes me, and apparently your developers also.

Try quotes around the whole string, not just one quote at the start of it.