Quick View Plus plug-in in DOpus preview

Perhaps it's just me, but has anybody else had difficulty in getting the QuickViewPlus plug-in to work in the DOpus preview version? Thanks.
Jeff Bogart

Hi Jeff,

I have had no luck getting the plug-in to work either. I posted about this issue a day or two after the first RC came out (unicode version) and while there have been on something like 45 views of my post there have been no replies :astonished: !

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved as it is one of the features of DOpus that I have come to rely on.

Good luck!


Interesting to see that it's not just me having this problem with the QVP plug-in. Unfortunately, it's a real show-stopper for me since I also rely on it, in particular to preview WordPerfect files in the viewer pane. Hope that we get a fix soon.

Hi again Jeff,

The latest update to includes the "multiview" plugin. This replaces the functionality of the QVP plug-in and works brilliantly.

Many thanks to Wayne Howard for pointing this out to me.