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Never mind--idiot at the keyboard. I didn't realize how many extension I use with QVP that aren't the defaults--.exe etc.


I installed QVP Standard v12 in a clean Windows 7 x86 virtual machine with Opus Prefs --> Viewer Plugins --> ActiveX + Preview confirms that QVP is present in the Preview Handlers list and its list of file extensions includes .doc(x), .xls(x), etc.. When I click on a sample MS Word document in Opus (vanilla configuration) all I see is Hex. Am I missing a step in the process?

Regards, AB


Does it work in Windows Explorer's preview panel?


Apologies. I had not tried Explorer. Says... "This file can't be previewed because of an error in the Quick View Plus - Preview Handler." I'll do the necessary research and feed back as and when.

Regards, AB


I contacted QVP support and here is their response...

The Windows Explorer file preview within the preview pane feature is not included in the trial version of Quick View Plus.
You are seeing the Preview Handler error message as the feature is not available for the trial version. In the full Standard and Professional versions of Quick View Plus, the file preview feature is available.

Regards, AB


Looks like they changed that again then. Strange, as you'd think it was something they would want to let people test during the trial period.


I guess during the trial you can test the actual viewing capabilities without testing the preview handler specifically.


For rusted on Opus users like me, the whole point of the trial is to make sure that it works seamlessly with Opus. I'll make that point to their Sales folks.

Regards, AB


I'm confirmed that QVP 13 works in Opus. My config is Windows 8.1x64, DO, QVP 13x64. I installed QVPx64, Opus didn't see the QVP in Activex. Installed the 32-bit version, saw entry under Activex and confirmed it works. Reinstalled x64 version and the 32-bit viewers still work. If you buy QVP, either the upgrade or full version, you can download both 32 and 64-bit versions. The upgrade is only $23. The upgrade install didn't need see the prior version, which was good since you can't install version 12 on Windows 8.1.


The 64-bit version of QVP should also work in Opus, at least in theory, if it includes a preview handler and that preview handler works in Explorer's viewer pane.

(Other 64-bit preview handlers work fine in Opus, at least.)


Thanks for the pointer. I've kept up to date with Quick View Plus ever since Microsoft removed it from Windows.

For those not familiar with the software, find it here:

File Viewing Program | View, Copy, Search and Print Virtually Any File with Quick View Plus

There is a free 30-day trial.

Bold of them to call it version 13. Some software houses skip that number.

PS One word of warning, if you have 32-bit Microsoft Office (Outlook) installing 64-bit QuickView Plus throws up an error about not finding Outlook. So 64-bit Quick View Plus may wreck integration with 32-bit Outlook.


I uninstalled both the 32 and 64-bit version of QVP, reinstalled the 64bit version, and QVP is now shown in Activex configuration and is working fine. Not sure why it didn't register initially.


Following this, I went and looked at my system.

The MultiView Viewer Plugin was pointing at my old 32-bit installation of QVP.



I'm having problems getting Quick View Plus to preview Microsoft Word .docx files. I have installed QVP 13 trial and the plugin appears in Dopus. If I deselect the viewers I currently use to preview Word (i.e. "Word" and "Office") then Word documents will not preview. If I configure the QVP plugin I notice that .docx is not one of the extensions listed. If I add .docx as an extension the viewer still won't preview Word docs. Any ideas? Please see screenshot. Many thanks, Mike


You'll definitely need to add the .doc and .docx extensions to the Quick View Plus line (which hasn't been done in your screenshot) for QVP to be used for those formats, if the extensions are assigned to another viewer by default.

The problem may be that you are using a trial version of QVP. I am not sure the preview handler functionality works in their trial versions. (It didn't in the past. I don't know what the current state of play is. Asking the QVP team would be your best bet.)


Slightly delayed feedback but yes the problem was that I was using the trial software. Thanks. The current standard version installs and runs fine although the previewing is quite slow. If instead you access QVP via the MultiView plugin it previews Word files very much faster. To do this configure the MultiView plugin and click 'locate', setting the viewer DLL location to be ...\Program Files\Quick View Plus\Program


Is this still the case (i.e. Quick View Plus Trial version not working in Dopus)?

I have just installed the Quick View Plus Trial, and it does nothing in Dopus. For example, Microsoft Word files are displayed as icon only in the preview pane.

Here's my two alternative settings which both don't work (top screenshot showing Quick View Plus configured in the ActiveX previewer, bottom screenshot showing Quick View Plus configured alternatively as MultiView library)

I would be SO happy if after like ten years I finally could preview Word files reliably in Dopus.


You probably don't want to use MultiView if the QVP preview handler is showing up in the ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web plugin. (You'd only want MultiView for very old versions of QVP.)

Whether QVP's preview handler has worked in the trial version has changed back & forth over the years. Does it work in Explorer? It should be the same for Explorer and Opus.

If you have problems or questions about QVP or any other third party viewer which aren't specific to Directory Opus, and are the same for Explorer, then you should ask the people who make the viewer as they know their software best.