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Thanks for answering Leo, AudioMeta is exactly what I needed, if only I knew to script :slight_smile:

Following mvdlaan's method of creating a new user command, I was able to fire up Chrome and have it print 'Directory Opus 12' into the search box:
DO12 search

"http://www.google.com/search?q=Directory Opus 12"

Now I just need to know how to force the text cursor to stay in the search box so I can enter the rest of my query without having to click the box. ?

I'm not sure if there is a way or not, but that's a Chrome question not an Opus one.

On the Opus side, you could put the search string into a dialog/prompt and edit it before sending it to Chrome.

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Ok, I found that Alt + D is the shortcut to jump to address bar. Chrome will already be focused from executing the button, so the shortcut will work. So my sequence will be (Alt + D), left arrow, space.
Now I just need to figure out how to append this sequence to the end of this command line.

Since my browser is set to go to google.com as the homepage, all I would need this button to do is boot Chrome then send the block of text. Haven't learned yet if DO can send keystrokes, shortcuts and text. The issue with that method is it opens Chrome in a new window instead of a new tab. A search query goes to a new tab.

So my question is there has to be an operation or wildcard expression that tells the search query function to print the search but don't execute it? A pause operation?

Those are questions about Chrome, not Opus. As far as I know, Chrome provides no way to do that, but we aren't experts on Chrome here.

Can Opus send shortcuts or text is a Chrome question?
Is there a pause operation in an Opus button argument is a Chrome question?

Your short answers tell me you are busy with developing. In one of your demo videos you were saying that your to-do list is ten years long.

Do you need help back there?
I'm looking for work, and this program is amazing. I could be a front end greeter for the resource center to give you guys more time, and run your media, socials, and develop ads and short form tutorial content in between answering customer questions.

These guys are doing the work of probably 10 people each, and somehow they still have time to give us nerds individualized hyperhelpful troubleshooting and customization help on a moment's notice. Plus, like you said, they are neck deep in getting v13 out the door, so don't take his limited responses as anything other than 100% to the point no fluff answers.
I will recommend you to look at the "Keyboard Map" window, lets you set shortcuts and an infinite other amount of things regarding the keyboard and shortcut type functions.
Also, I have used two external and completely unrelated to GPSoftware programs to GREAT success that are capable of doing EXACTLY what you are asking for, just through a different means of delivery. Fastkeys and PhraseExpress are each programs that can make an infinite number of completely customizable shortcuts, dialogue boxes, etc. within any program and using any combination of keys. If you can't get DOpus to work the precise way you are asking here, please check those guys out. Sorry I cant be of more direct and actual help regard DO, but just thought I'd share. You can message me if you want more info.


Right. I didn't get upset, I'm just not used to that. His mind has been focused on efficiency for so long it's probably stuck that way. Just like back when I cooked for twelve years. You have nothing to do until an order receipt is printed. Then you have something to do, and only that to do. And when that to-do list is finished you have nothing to do again. So now I'm ruined, in that I can't accomplish anything without it being written down on a to-do list. :sweat_smile:

On the Listary forum I asked a simple question and bug report and got ignored for five days. I replied to myself and chewed them out for it. An hour later, magically I got a response with a proper answer. How bout that.

Not sure how you know how much work they do, but yea I heard that there is only three of them. I even offered to work for them; that would be a cool thing to work on. Their media catalogue needs some serious help, at least.

Cool, thank you for the tips. I will have a look. But was just about to start diving into AutoHotkey; intended as a combination tool, for a little help in FL Studio as well.

Made an apparently complete failure of attempt to provide assistance to your question man. Sorry you took offense. I've asked questions on the forums in the past and thought I was being given the cold shoulder by some of the guys who responded in a kind of short and blunt manner, but just came to see that they try to assist everyone who posts, and just keep their responses to direct answers/feedback and don't beat around the bush.

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Again, I'm not offended. As you can tell I'm usually the offender.
Your reference to those tools might prove very helpful, thank you.

I recommend Searcher script.

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