Quicker edit for icon bars

Hello, nomally I drag and drop folders to the icon bars when I begin new projects to heave quicker access (see upper row in the attachment). Now I decide to make the content of the folders better visible for me (see middle row). As all my projects have the same folder structure I want an easy way to edit the content of the icon bars, something like a script, where I can simply change the paths and the label of the icons. Until now I have to open each of the icons with the command editor and cahnge path and label "by hand". Does anybody know if there is some xml-file or similar, where I can edit the icon bars with a text editor? Any suggestions?

Type /dopusdata/Buttons into the location field and you'll find the XML files there.

Great, this is, as always, awesome! (File extension is *.dop if someone looks for *.xml files :wink: