Quickie question: invoking "filter mode" via keyboard?

DOpus has the nice feature of allowing the user to invoke different lister "modes" quickly and easily with the keyboard. This terminology might not be correct, so to understand this, just type the following into a DOpus lister.


:(colon character) -- this invokes "select mode" F(alphanumeric) -- this invokes "find mode" ?(question mark) -- this invokes "command mode"
The question is this, is there a "quick keyboard equivalent" that allows the user to select "filter mode"? (i.e., where you can "directly enter a wildcard pattern to filter files visible in the current lister").

Just to clarify, I know it is possible to configure a keyboard shortcut via customized user preferences, this is just to find out if DOpus already has one out of the box.

The answer is yes. It's probably in the help but I wasn't able to find it ... nevertheless I answered my own question by assuming DOpus uses the intuitive approach ... it does.

*(asterisk) -- invoke "filter mode" /(slash) -- invoke "Go mode"

Great software, this DOpus.