Quicktime plugin causing Opus to lockup

I'm having some issues with the Quicktime plugin & mp3 files. Using Win7 x64 & Opus Pro (4779) x64

Initially the plugin works and plays the mp3 without issue. I've only ever used it sparingly in the past to play music, but i've been going through my music in the last 48hrs to sort out music for a party and have been using it to preview tunes.

It tends to work without issue x number of times.. maybe 10 maybe 50 times, then it has a fit and locks up Opus causing in to become unresponsive. Killing Opus form the Task Manager and restarting Opus does not resolve the issue, i.e after Opus has been restarted it works for normal functions but as soon as I attempt to play a tune it immediately locks up again. The only way i can get the plugin working again is to restart the whole PC. I can't see a process associated to the QT plugin that i can restart to save a PC reboot.

Anyone had this issue? Any ideas how to troubleshoot it? Is there a better plugin to play mp3 and other music files? (i have not customised plugins at all, they are just default)

Any help greatly appreciated as always.


I seem to be unable to even find any reference to a plugin to handle music file playback?

Am i looking in the wrong place?

Quicktime must have taken over the registry as the ActiveX handler for MP3 files (it tends to snaffle up all the registry settings, even for things like PNG which it is terrible at handling, which basically breaks viewing standalone PNG files in IE, or did last time I let Apple software anywhere near my PC).

If you go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs and assign MP3 to Windows Media Player, I think that will make WMP take the registry settings away from QuickTime and give you a more reliable ActiveX control for MP3. That's probably all you need to do.

If you configure the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin you also have the choice of assigning MP3 to the WMP preview handler, but IMO it's not ideal as you have to click an extra time to play each MP3 file. You're better off with the WMP ActiveX control, not the WMP preview handler.

(WMP has two separate viewers: the preview handler which you have to click to play, and the ActiveX control which you don't.)

Thanks leo,
I only installed Quicktime recently as i was having some issues with VLC and certain *.mov files. (i have a built in hatred for anything Apple :wink: )

Looking at Default Programs in the CP shows VLC as default for all music files.. I never use WMP, and am reluctant to set it as default for mp3 files.

But i'll have a play about in the suggested areas, I'm more inclined to remove QT than make WMP default.. but thanks for pointing me in the direction of the issue, i'm sure i can resolve it from there. I was unaware AciveX was the default plugin for music files.

Mush appreciated as ever.

You can often fix the ActiveX registry settings by assigning WMP as the default handler in Control Panel, then using the Open With menu to change what happens when you double-click the files separately (if you don't want double-clicks to open WMP).

Well i removed Quicktime fully, set VLC as default for everything it can handle, rebooted, tried Opus viewer pane on some music and now the WMP plugin is used. So far no issues.

Thank you!