RAM-Usage while copying

I actually had some problems with defective RAM and have a question to copy-progress:

Does DO use RAM for copying and if, does it notice errors (not HDD-related)? I found out that my new RAM was defect, but all copy operations went without problems before. But when installing from copied file (setup), there were CRC-errors. As I have copied a lot of files the question is, if these might be copied w/o errors?

Everything uses RAM when doing everything. :slight_smile:

Almost nothing checks RAM for errors; it's assumed to work. (If RAM is faulty, you don't even know if your code -- which is also in RAM -- is corrupt.) The only things I know of that check RAM for errors are tools for testing memory and for testing overclocking.

Yes, everything uses Ram, was a bit stupid but was in hurry replacing RAM (warranty) :slight_smile:. I just wondered, that the setup and WinRAR have noticed an error and DO does not.

Unfortunately the one who was faulty had errors in the first area (otherwise I think I would never have noticed by a total of 16GB Ram with less than 1GB in use on system-start!).

If faulty RAM happens to cause a CRC error while extracting an archive then that would be detected by most things (WinRAR, Opus, installers decompressing themselves).

But it's just luck if that happens.

It's just as likely that the RAM fault corrupts the program's code or some other part of memory that isn't where the extracted data is written and CRC'd, and nothing would detect such a fault. You could get corrupt files or weird crashes or just about anything happening, sometimes easy to notice (the whole machine locking up) and sometimes very subtle (one byte changed in a random file). All down to the pure luck of which bit of RAM the operating system happens to allocate for which operation.

It took me a week to find out (bought new CPU/Board/RAM which ran fine and one week later I bought another 8GB incl. the faulty RAM-module) - first Opera crashes, 2 days later one bluescreen, then read errors (setup)...first I thought it was a HDD, cause installing to another one worked. Today then installing to the other HDD also fails and a bluescreen appeared saying "memory management". MemTest... bingo!

Finally got my new RAM now, everything works fine again :slight_smile:. Thanks for replies.