Random numbering

I've got a series of images which are numbered


I'd like to rename them so they are randomly renumbered 01 through 26.

Any suggestions?


Use this:
[Add a Unique Number while renaming)

Just found that and tested. Kinda of does it, but it does indeed make the numbers very random.

I'd like to randomise the numbering, but keeping within the range 01 to 26

If you change the script to use PadTo=2 then it'll use 01 to 99 but still leave gaps...

To get rid of the gaps I think you'll have to do the rename in two steps (since I don't think there is a way for the random-number rename script to know how many files there are in total).

Step 1: Use the Unique Names rename script to get the files in a random order, as above.

Step 2: Then apply a rename like this one to number the files (still in a random order) sequentially:

(The oldname/newname don't really matter. Just make sure you set Sequentual numbering from 01 by 1.)

oki doki, thanks for the help