Randomize rename

If i select a bunch of files.. is there a way to randomly assign file numbers to them instead of doing it sequentially?

You could do this very easily using VBScript, yes.

Not sure if it helps, but I asked a similar question a while back:
[Renaming: random numbers?)

Roxy: I would need 4 or 5 random numbers not 2... but i am not sure of the syntax. I set the batch rename to:

old: (.).(.)
new: 2007-01-27_.\2
script mode

but it does not seem to work. I do not want to create a button, i have enough of those already on DO. I would like to simply have a preset in the batch rename screen where i select the profile i want to use when i rename. The files i rename are not always the same, so i like the idea of using the old and new name field, but instead of using sequential numbers, it would randomize depending on whether the series needed 3, 4 or 5 numbers in it.

You need to put a ## in the new name somewhere as the VBScript replaces ## with the random number:

strNewName = Replace(strNewName, "##", rndNumber)

If you're using the script on multiple files then beware that it doesn't test whether there is already a file with the same number.

Because of that I have updated my Unique Numbers rename script to add a RandomNumbers option. That script will check that the chosen number isn't already in use. You can also use the PadTo setting at the top of the script to control the range of random numbers that are generated. Hopefully that solves all the problems!


Your unique # script works great.. thanks..... is is possible to do this....

I have 500 pictures in a series, but while i want to randomize the photos, but not have the numbers go above 500. ie, take all 500 pictures, use numbers 1-500 but do not number them in file order, randomize the files. I am not sure if that makes any sense. So original file 1 would be 342 and file 2 would be 216 or something like that.

My script would be very inefficient in that scenario and might end up switching back to sequential mode (which it will do if it keeps finding the random numbers it chooses are already in use).