Rar not opening as a folder as zip does ...?

hello all.
I've done a search already and did not find anything so I thought I would ask here.

When I come upon a .rar file and double click to open it, it seems that 7zip will execute instead of DOpus displaying it as a folder. However, with a .zip file DOpus will indeed display as a file.

Any suggestions on how I can get the plugin to be recoginized again? I cannot find anything in the plugins section for the rar that would allow me to do this.

I have v8.0.1.1 by the way, and am fully registered.

thanks. :slight_smile:

Here ya go:


wow that was a fast reply. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I've added that FAQ area to my "search first RTFM"s :slight_smile:

Also remember to check for stray copies of unrar.dll
on your system, if found rename or delete them to get it
working again.