RAR Plugin - password required (do

upgraded from to

WinRAR is the default .zip and .rar handler, not dopus

now, every time I open a folder with .rar files, I get an endless loop of prompts for .rar archives which have a password

this did not happen on do or version 8

had to access prefs, viewers, vfs and uncheck the rar plugin

this was maddening! as the folder I open by default has 100's or .rar archives and it would not stop asking...

Does the problem go away if you turn off Prefs - Listers - Folder Tree - Show in Folder Tree: Zip files and other archives?

the option check mark was never enabled in my settings for "Show in Folder Tree: Zip files and other archives"

Upgrade to, it should fix this (and most other problems to do with encrypted rar files.)