Ratings - Where are they Stored?

I want to create a column on a large collection (~1850 folders) that has the rating (stars) for that folder. My question is i don't want the rating to disappear if i ever decide to relocate the folder.

Is there a file inside of the /dopusdata that has the ratings in it that I can modify if needed?

Will it be slow retrieving so many?

They're stored in an ADS datastream for the folder. As long as you keep the folder on an NTFS-formatted drive it shouldn't ever disappear (make sure you have the option in Opus to preserve metadata when copying turned on).

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Nice. Would the ratings copy if i was using something else like windows explorer or doing a "save as" in a modern application?

Any way to modify the stream directly? Say using notepad++?

The data is stored as binary so you can't easy edit in a text editor.

They should copy with Explorer as far as I know. If an app does a "safe save", by writing out a new file, and renaming the old one, then the metadata will probably be lost unless the app takes steps to preserve it.