Raw commands move files

Hello, I'm trying to learn the raw commands, but I'm having trouble creating a button. What I want to do is:
open lister in either single or duel pane
select file(s)/folder(s) in active lister
press button that will:
move selection to directory above active lister
finish in the above folder as active in single/duel pane

I got it to work using clipboard cut, go up, clipboard paste, but its very inefficient if the directory contains a large number of files. I tried using various commands with options but none seeming to work. Can someone point me in the proper direction. Thanks - Steve

BTW: Thank you Leo for the JP2 plugin!

I've tried for a while but can't find a way that works as a single button. In theory this should workCopy MOVE TO .. Go BACK UPbut it seems that if the Go command is after a Copy command then the Go part is executed once for each file selected so you end up in the wrong place. I think this is a bug and have filed a report.

Until that's fixed, and unless someone else can work out a way, I think you'll have to use two separate buttons; one for the move and one for the directory change. As usual, if you stick them on the LMB and RMB actions of a three-button it will work quite well, and once the move has started you're free to click the RMB to change directories without waiting for it to finish.

Glad you like the JP2 plugin!

Ok, I'll use the 2 button method. That works ok for me. Thanks. I'm almost glad to hear that it was a bug instead of me unable to figure it out hehe. I spent days trying to make it work.
It's something simple, but it saves me time when I have a lot of files to move.
Yeah, the only reason i wasn't using JP2 is because Opus didn't support it. Even though it's a tad slower, it offers great compression.
Well, thanks again. I have a lot of PNGs to convert. - Steve