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Re-order context menu?

I have winrar installed. In windows explorer when i right click a compressed file the winrar menu options are shown in second position after [open]. So it looks like this:
[extract with winrar]

In Directory Opus, the winrar options are fourth, so it looks like this:
[open with]
[scan with antivirus]
[extract with winrar]

How do you move the winrar menu options to second position?

See Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus

It's a bit of a pain to set up but at least Opus lets you move the items around, unlike Explorer where that you get is what you get. :slight_smile:

OMG that's a painful process for a small change.

Yes it's great that the option at least exists, but it feels overly difficult.

I wish there was a 'import' button. It would be much easier to have something to work off of than a blank slate. The import would recreate existing windows explorer layout and then you could edit from that.