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Re-using the current lister

I know I'm probably losing it, but I swear there used to be a checkbox to tell Directory Opus to reuse the current lister when double-clicking on the desktop, or opening a directory from a third party program. I can't find it and I wind up having numerous listers to close after a work session.

Is this still an option? Can anyone point it out to me? Thanks!

Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab

Thanks. I have it all set to replace Explorer. Let me try to explain it better:

  1. I have a lister open on my desktop.
  2. I open a program like Everything, do a search, and find a file. I right-click and select "open path".
  3. Currently, Opus opens a NEW lister on top of the old one. I want Opus to use the currently open lister and take me to the folder path.
    Does that make better sense?


It doesn't sound like the checkbox Jon mentioned is turned on.

DOH! My apologies. I'm good. Thanks for the assistance!