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Read only Edit Box in VB


I have an Edit Box in a VB form that - under certain conditions I want to be read only, the rest of the time I want to be able to edit the contents.

I can easily write a routine to make the text invisible when my conditions are met, but I cannot work out how to set the "read only" property of the box, so the text is always visible, even though i may not be able to edit it.

Can anyone offer any advice?


At the moment the readonly property can only be set in the dialog resource, it can't be modified by the script.

One workaround would be to have two overlapping controls, one readonly and one editable, and show/hide them as appropriate.


Thanks Jon, that is great idea and will give me what I need


In the next update you'll be able to modify the readonly property at run time.


And this is why we love DOpus - the programers really care about what the users want. many thanks.