Reboot requirement when updating

I've read a past post - I just want to get some clarification about the matter. I've wanted to post about it for years! LOL I don't use DO as a replacement for Explorer, or for zip archives or anything other than just a normal app. And it always frustrates me that I have to reboot when I do an update. Mostly because I do the install forgetting about this otherwise I wouldn't update until I'm ready to reboot. What I've read says "it's because files are in use". Is that the case? Any other reasons to require a reboot?

If that is the case - I have to ask why? Lots of apps I use update themselves just fine - they just exit before doing the install. I hope that's not the case here. Please do clarify though - either way - THANK YOU for the updates! LOL

The installer only asks for a reboot if it was not able to replace some of the files due to them being in use.

If Opus was fully exited when you ran the installer then something else was using one of its files if the installer asked you to update.

(FWIW, we have some longer-term plans to reduce the need for reboots in the future, although we can never completely remove them.)

Well that's an easy solution then - I'll just make sure I exit first! LOL Thanks Leo.
And I realize most people don't have any issue rebooting. I'm a little out there, I have VMs and dozens of apps going! LOL

I'm glad that plans to enhance the update process are in the works. I'm sure it's not a high priority, personally I'd rather see more customizing :wink: LOL - but it is something other apps do normally. Exit themselves when installing an update.

Thanks again for the updates - all of the 12.x updates have been great - and fast! I am sincere with this, it is greatly appreciated! (I just dumped an app I've used for years because of the slow updates and lack of forward progress, saddened me.)


I have tried using the EXIT on the tray icon
It never seemed to change anything

I just assumed it was related to the startup double-click

Explorer Replacement (among other things) causes a lot of processes to load our DLL. There is no way to make them unload it.