Recent Folders Tab?

Is it possible to set up a lister tab (as any folder can have) that is actually a collection (or some kind of list) of recently visited folders?

If this is possible, cool. I have Opus set to open a bunch of tabs on startup. I'd consider these my "favorites" but I haven't necessarily visited these recently, so I wouldn't want all these folders to be in my Recents tab — only those I'd actually visited interactively recently.

Is it possible to have such a "recent folders" tab and can it ignore my auto-opened folders, except folders I've actually visited recently??

You can have a list of recent folders in the drop-down menu you get when expanding the path field. The same list can be put into a toolbar or context menu. But there isn't a way to show that list in the file display itself.

A script add-in could probably be written to do so by managing a folder of shortcuts that it creates and removes, if you wanted to go in that direction and know some scripting.

Thanks, Leo. My continued search turned up the SmartFavorites feature and the Favorites button (folder with a star) the SmartFavorites can tie into. I'll use that and see how it goes. Maybe it'll be better than a tab — dunno until I try it.