Recursive Datestamp is not working reliably on NAS

I am running fully patched Windows 10 on my laptop. I am accessing my Synology NAS through mapped M drive.

Directory Opus reports the mapped drive as NTFS, but the underlying Synology file system is Btrfs.

When I select a folder inside this mapped drive and select the SetAttrib button and select recursive, some of the recursive files and folders get the new date but not all of them and sometimes not the main folder either.

The folder structure is music/artist/album/track#- title, so the file lengths are not excessive. I have even drilled down and selected single files that wouldn't update and they still don't.

Any suggestions?

Opus doesn't treat any NAS or other drive differently to any others, so it's most likely a bug or quirk of the NAS.

Googling for "synology set file date failed" reveals lots of threads about issues setting file dates on various Synology devices. Some say the correct timestamps do appear but take a while to happen.

Thanks for the quick help!