Recursive Slideshow possible?

Is it somehow possible for the slideshow to show ALL pictures under ALL directories selected?

Say I have 2 nested directories:

"Dir1\1.jpg", "Dir1\2.jpg", "Dir1\Dir1-2\3.jpg", "Dir1\Dir1-2\4.jpg"

If I select "Dir1" from the parent directory and click the Slideshow button, images 1.jpg & 2.jpg will show - but not 3.jpg & 4.jpg.

Is there a way to show ALL these images? I've always been at a loss as to why there's not a RECURSIVE switch to go along with the SLIDESHOW-switch/Show-command. :thinking: I've wanted to do this for a VERY LONG time, but am now finally asking. :slight_smile:

And I'm also implying that this should show all images recursively, even if selecting a parent folder that has only subdirectories - with images only under those subdirectories.

Here's a script which does it.

If anything is selected, it will do a recursive slideshow of just the selected files/folders.

If nothing is selected, it does a recursive slideshow of everything in and below the current folder.

I'll do a more detailed write-up and post this in the Buttons & Scripts area later on.

Edit: This requires 12.9.4 or above.

Edit 2: Moved script to proper post in the Buttons & Scripts area:

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Any chance for this becoming a bonafide 'RECURSIVE' argument?
I'm always under the impression that there is more system overhead when scripts are involved, due to having to use a JS interpreter and all.

But many thanks for this script, regardless! I'll probably install 12.9.4 and the button before the next time I reboot. Is that option there to continue using Windows 'chm' help, in 12.9.4?

On a related note, it might be wishful thinking to have Opus save all open viewer windows with their slideshow lists in tact -- to be able to restart them after a reboot - and starting with the 'left-off' image for each when restarted. But I fear that might just be a pipe-dream. :crazy_face:

I doubt you'll notice any performance difference between that script and the internal command.

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