Refresh collapses all expanded folders in Folder Tree

I've always wanted to use Directory Opus but one feature that I use heavily is refreshing the View when the CVS or SVN status of a file and/or folder has changed. In each version I've tried, Opus would collapse all of the expanded folders in the Folder Tree whenever I hit F5. (Except maybe the current folder)

Is there a version of Opus that keeps all the expanded/collapsed states of the folders in the Folder Tree while still performing a refresh so that the CVS/SVN icons reflect the current state of their associated files/folders?

I don't remember the last version I tried, somewhere around I noticed a new version was just released but didn't see anything about it in the Release Notes.



(Edit: Sorry, got confused with another option there. Ignore the first part if you'd read it. Try the second part instead:)

Go to Customize / Keys and change the F5 key to run a command which only refreshes the file display(s) but not the tree, e.g. Go REFRESH=source or Go REFRESH=both .

I was going to say, I installed and did not see any option like what you mentioned.

The problem with the second option is that I want the Folder Tree to update so it reflects the correct CVS/SVN icon overlays. I just don't want them to collapse. Ideally, it would be nice to not have to manually refresh. I've worked with Windows' FindFirstChangeNotification API but I assume this is CVS/SVN changing the status, not Windows.