Refresh lister after drive removed

There is some refresh problem of lister and three when key, cd or Phone (MTP) is removed.
When I browse into drives (three expanded), if drive is removed, three is not refresh properly (only root and current folder still display) and current folder always display in lister.
Same thing when i browse phone (Opus' MTP disable). And I can continu to browse phone (folders are empty) even if it removed.

This appear since last beta and now on last release (xp and 7)

Does the same happen in Windows Explorer? The Windows MTP stack seems to get itself confused at times, I've found.

No, when phone or USB drives is removed, explorer is close on Win7.

Same problem here, also the intermittent sort issue from beta was never addressed.

But if you expand the tree in Explorer, is it showing things which aren't there?

If not, what happens if you exit & restart Opus, does it show the right things then or continue to show the same as before? (If exiting & restarting works, does closing the window and opening a new one?)

I'm assuming you mean this thread, although you hadn't posted in it so I'm not certain. It's unrelated to the thread we're in now, so if you have any extra info to help us track that down, please report it in that thread rather than this one. (Assuming I found the right thread.) It's on our list to look at, but we have not looked at it yet (and also can't think why it would have changed in beta from previous versions, but we will look into it).

Linking your account is also a good idea if you want us to prioritise things which are affecting you.

There is different behaviour between XP and win 7.

I can not test now for MTP but I can for usb drives or cd.

XP with Opus :

  • If folder is display in file display and tree expanded, when I remove usb key or cd, file display and tree are not refresh. If i try to browse folder by tree, there is error (3), by file display, nothing. If i press F5, there is error (3) and file display and tree are refresh.
  • If tree expanded but another folder is display in file display like c:, when I remove usb key or cd, tree is refresh. So no problem.
    XP with Explorer :
  • No problem, when i remove usb key or cd. Tree and file display are refresh.

Win7 with Opus :

  • If folder is display in file display and tree expanded, when I remove usb key or cd, file display and tree are not refresh. But somethimes, tree is refresh but only display usb key root and current folder, all other folders disapear and drives order in tree is wrong (c: (drive), f: (usb), d: (drive))
  • If tree expanded but another folder is display in file display like c:, when I remove usb key or cd, tree is refresh. So no problem.
    Win7 with Explorer :
  • If I remove usb key, Explorer is closed.

About MTP and Win7. In Explorer, remove phone close Explorer. And when I open another Explorer window, phone is not display. In Opus, tree and file display is not refresh, If I browse phone by file display, folders are empty (there is no prompt error). If I press F5 or open new lister, phone is not display.

I notice this since and i'm sure that there is no problem in (but I can not install, download with forum link, download

Thanks for the details!

When the tree is showing the removed drives, does the My Computer folder show them correctly, or is this affecting both the tree and My Computer?

It's also worth checking the My Computer folder in Explorer in case it realises the folders below the drives are gone, but still thinks media is inserted in the drives, which can happen with e.g. optical drives that don't tell the OS when media is ejected properly. (One of my won optical drives is like that, and it's a problem with some models.) While there, hit to F5 refresh My Computer in Explorer and wait a few seconds. That sometimes forces Windows to re-evaluate whether or not there is media in the drives, and if it realises things were wrong it will broadcast an update to other programs, causing Opus to update as well.

If you have DriveButtons on your toolbars, have a look at what they do as well, although they should be the same as the My Computer folder.

(When I say the My Computer folder, I mean navigating to it so it is shown in the main file display, not looking at the similar branch in the folder tree.)

Look at this 2 screenshots


If you turn off Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Automatically expand to current folder does the top tree still show the drive?

It looks like Opus knows the drive was ejected and updates everything, including the bottom tree, but the top tree still shows the path because the file display its attached to is still in that path (and the tree will insert 'fake' folders if it has to to represent the current location, at least unless that option is off). So I wonder if that's what's happening here.

Nothing new with option disable...

I'm surprised that problem is not solved in last releases.
Nobody can reproduce this "bug" ?

How to reproduce ?

  • Plug USB drive
  • Browse on it
  • Unplug it directly

On DO11, Lister and tree are not refresh and browse folder is still display.

Hello, I have exactly the same problem with the latest version 10.5
I think the problem came during one of the software updates
I was under windows 7 x64, I am now on Windows 8.1 x64

Any update on this? An unplugged USB drive still shows in the lister as available but has disappeared in my computer. Closing the lister and re-opening it fixes it until the next time. Version Never used to do this, did I change a setting somewhere or was this caused by an update. Thanks.

I doubt this changed between and Opus 11 as the initial report at the top of the thread is for

It seems more to do with specific devices/drivers/situations, although we are not sure at this stage, to be honest. (But some devices do not send media ejection events properly, that much is for sure.)

If you go to the Computer folder and push F5, it should force Opus to re-evaluate which drives exist and which are empty.

Sorry for my poor wording. I am on version
Pressing F5 after drive is removed causes " An error occurred reading folder: The system cannot find the path specified. (3). The only cure seems to be to close the lister and reopen. Thanks.

"If you go to the Computer folder and push F5"

Yes, I understand now. That Works. Thank You.