Refresh stopped working

I have Opus 10 version (5215) x64 on 64bit Windows 8.
It was working perfectly until the refresh stopped working.
For example if I move a file from one folder to another it doesn't refresh until I hit F5. Same thing if I delete a file.
I changed some preferences, but didn't see anything that would have caused that behavior.
The debugview did not show any errors.

It sounds like you may have read Changes to folders are not always detected already, but if not please see there for initial suggestions.

Have you tried everything there?

What does DebugView show? In this case it's not errors we're looking for but diagnostics, so all of the detail in debugview plus information on which folders are being viewed and which filenames are expected to change is all useful.

All of the suggestions at the link you suggested were already in place.
I powered off again (for an unrelated reason) and now it is magically working.
Thanks for the help.