Refreshing Folder in Flat View and Favorite Format with Grouping after Restart

If I set a folder to Flat View, apply a favorite format which includes grouping, restart Opus and try to refresh that folder, the format reverts to Flat View, but the files are all in the Unspecified group, despite other parts showing that grouping is disabled.

The ideal would be for both the favorite format and flat view to be preserved after the refresh.

Directory Opus Pro 12.7.3 (Beta) Build 6657 x64
OS 10.0 (B:16299 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Which Flat View mode is this with? I'm thinking it's probably Flat View (Grouped) but want to make sure.

Set FLATVIEW=MixedNoFolders,toggleoff

And I just noticed that when that mode is active, a button I have for Set FLATVIEW=Grouped,toggleoff also has the blue glow to indicate it is active, while a button for Set FLATVIEW=On,Mixed does not, but that is unrelated to the main issue.

What do you mean by "restart Opus and try to refresh that folder" ?

Exit the process completely, start it again, press F5.

Another issue, probably related:

Say the problem described above occurs for the tab X. Tab Y is the first tab on the same lister of tab X. After a restart, navigating to any other path on tab Y makes it acquire the same folder format that was applied to tab X.

So, for example, if I 'open a folder'/'type a new path on the address bar'/'use backspace' on the first tab of that lister, it will suddenly change to the favorite folder format that was applied to the other tab. Once it does that, refreshing that tab works correctly, unlike in the other tab.

Tab Y format was set by "reset to folder's format" before the restart. This issue does not depend on a specific folder being on the first tab, any will do.

My guess is that the Opus' code to save and restore folder formats after a restart may have some issues.

Try turning on the option to ignore folder formats in the default lister.