Reg Expressions with external Command Codes

Is it possible to send an external program a list of files (in the current directory) based on a wildcard or regular expression (without selecting them first)? Such as

echo {filepath$(*.(bmp|jpg|gif|jpeg|tif|tiff|psd|nef|png))}>>C:\ImageList.txt

I specifically want dopus to generate it and not a cmd console because dopus handles unicode characters correctly and writes them in a ascii file.

I don't think there's any way to do this, at least at the moment.

I think you'll either have to have Opus select the files or have Opus call a VBScript (or similar) which does the hard work.

That would have been cool. The selection process works that's what I currently use now to pass along the files, sometimes I don't want to lose my my selection.

Can the external programs you're dealing with be passed a 'listfile' containing the folder contents? If so, then maybe that is a better way to go than losing your selection using the print folder command or something?