Regex: Does TR1 ECMAScript support Unicode script?

Hello. With some flavors of regular expressions I use \p{Han} to search for Chinese characters. Is there any way to look for Chinese characters with a regex using TR1 ECMAScript?
Thank you in advance for any comments.

Do you mean you want to look for particular Chinese characters (you should be able to use them in the regex directly like any other character) or is that code meant to detect any character from the Chinese block?

Thank you for your quick replay, Leo. It's the second option: to detect any character from a Unicode script, for instance, \p{Han} (Chinese) or \p{Latin}.

As far as I know that isn't supported by TR1. The docs on TR1 are here and don't mention it (at least by my reading):

An answer here also suggests that support for that is quite rare:

Microsoft's ActiveScripting Regex object is another alternative syntax which is easily used within Opus, but I'm not sure that supports it either. Probably not, as I think it is fairly old now (older than TR1).

Hello Leo,
Before starting this thread, I had a look at the first link. So I just wanted to make sure it's not possible to detect any character from the Chinese block.
Thank you for clearing up my doubts.