Regex: how to change ddmmyy to ddmm20yy?

Vainly tried to find a solution for the following problem.

Rename file
fm: file name blah blah 100222.txt
to: file name blah blah 10022022.txt

Keeping it simple I would go for
find: (.+)(\d\d).(\w+)

however, in the replace \1 and adding the 20 to the year is posing a problem
believe using \ parameters is limited to 9 or 10 ?

how to add the 20 then?



Old name: (.+\d\d\d\d)(\d\d\.txt)
New name: \120\2

and turn off Ignore Extension.

Thank you very much!

Hope one day another regex style supporting $ will be allowed....
Anyway, thanks again.

What difference would $ vs \ make here?


I just noticed, I was in the wrong regex rename mode...
tsk tsk tsk...
Pretty embarrassing.

From what I remember, a lllong time ago, there was something with the maximum groups, or something and one could only use upto \9 ...(?)
Hence when nothing happed when trying \20 I wrongly assumed I hit on this 'limitation', but did not realize I was using the wrong mode.

Very sorry for the confusion.

You’re only using 3 groups so the limit of 9 replacement groups wouldn’t be an issue.

\20 would insert group 2 and then a zero.