Regex renaming using F-key: cursor jumps to the regex button

For years I am using a F-key to perform a regex rename. Works fine.

Recently (12.17.3 ? 12.17.2 ?) I noticed the cursor jumps to 'Mode'-button in the rename panel, i.e. it selects the mode in this case being 'Regular Expressions'.
Previously I could start typing the new name in the [New] box straightaway.
Likely be there is a good reason for this behaviour. If not, would it be possible to change it back?



What is the command you've set the F-key to run?

F2 command reads as follows

rename INLINE=single ADVANCED PRESET=Snagit-Counter 
Rename REGEXP PATTERN "(.+?)-[0-9 -]+.(jpg|png)" TO \1\\\0

Thank you!

That was a bug introduced in the current betas. We have a fix coming in the next update.