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Regional price of product


Hello, please, are no angry...
I from Russia, i like Opus, used more of last five years and will be happy buy legal-key, however for us, current price too expensive ($129 AUD). So, possibility any regional prices for similar situations?

Just Steam showed "How people choose legal-product, when they are can buy it" - almost every games have valid-license.



That's the price for the three machine (two desktops and one laptop) pro license.

The normal pro license is less, and the light license even less.


Steam's regional pricing hasn't prevented widespread unlicensed use.

Given the various groups of crackers operating from Russia, I even wonder if a higher price would not be more appropriate.


Of course can be mistaken, however, no agree with you - russian people now most love Steam and this service kill offline pirates + kill very much more online pirate... because on current prices can possible buying >80% by citizens


Yes, i know - i already have two desktop machines and laptop, so exactly this variant more wanted
Just in current time in rubles it will be almost 6000, however Windows in the shop on street (offline shop) sell valid-licence via 8000rub
And... i know, it for you can be looked strange, but me wanted some less price... it will be realy great.

Of course, me like you product, and i think, in anyway i exactly will buy key - just on current price another users from exUSSR cannot do it.

Anyway, thanks of you attentions!


I want to buy a Ferrari, but it's more expensive than a Porsche! So Ferrari should lower the price because I can't afford/don't want to pay the higher price! [Irony off]


Hello, all!
I support the topic starter's request. DOpus is a great program! And authors lose money because they don’t want to set a regional price. Users from non "golden billion" countries could buy this program, but instead they forced to use pirate versions. So what do you choose: get little less money or get nothing from that users ?


Is this the short version of "I have used Opus for five years without a license, but now I am getting tired of reinstalling my PCs every 60 days because pirated keys get blacklisted so quickly"?


This will be a closed thread very soon.. o)
Serious guys, if you can afford a modern computer or multiple of them and possibly a decent smartphone as well, you should be able pay DO. It's probably more about where you spend your money, than how much you have.

That said, I think I might be guilty here as well at some point, but would I ever go and tell the developers about the pirated copy I will continue to use, if they don't give me a discount? Probably not, that's disrespectful to the power of two.


No, "our"-cracks work fine - just on last month i installed OS on new workstation in office and was thought, that love this program (that gave me so much good)... and will be good buy valid-licence

Nothing more


Excuse me if i said wrong... i not mean this, opposite I anyway want get valid-licence. Just:


Hi everyone!

I understand both sides. I was using a pirated DO6 or 7 back in the day, i cant remember now exactly. I couldnt afford to buy it, i did not have a job, i was a student, so i had to be careful where to spend that extra. I was thinking who the hell would pay that money? But time went on, i got a decent job, my first payment came in and i bought a student windows licence, AND a DOpus licence in 2014. Since then all my work went smoother, i got wiser (hopefully). The dudes at GPsoft give you so many support, the application itself is ever-expanding, so i came to realise that the price i payed for this was totally worth it. I love DOpus, if you are a user who uses a filemanager every day for hours, i say if you buy DO your everyday life will get better, less frustrating. So the price is 89AUD, (in my country its 18000HUF, its a lot,it was nearly 1/6th of a one month paymant for me, so i can feel your pain @SKerrigan). Yeah, its not the cheapest software, but itself, and the crew behind it are working hard, and it has a price. If i called you to do some work for me and you made it and i was like: ah man i dont have money could i pay less? Then your motivation would decrease and your work for me will be cheaper in quality because you would feel i dont deserve your best efforts.

So all i can say, looking back from today, its totally worth it. This is the most premium File manager software you can buy on earth right now. Trust me, i tried all of them. From DOS Navigator to Total Commander. Nothing comes close. So please try to get some spare coins and buy a Single PRO licence, you will feel the quality and the devs will feel the motivation to improve DOpus.

These are my thoughts, sorry for the wall of text!