Registered software deactivated itself

Hi -

I'm a registered user whose copy of DOPUS 9 shut down today --

when clicking the icon, or the .exe file, I get a windows error message that DOPUS couldn't find dopuslib.dll.

I found the dll in another directory, and copied it into the program directory -- i

on starting DOPUS, it asked me to register the software - I used the program certificate I've always had, and it wdn't operate - it didn't reject the certificate as invalid, it just didn't recognize that I had indeed pasted the text into the box and clicked install etc.

yikes! I am a devoted user who depends on DOPUS every day, all day -- loyal paid up member since 2010.

please advise -

Where had dopuslib.dll been relocated to? Any idea what happened?

It sounds like Opus needs reinstalling. If you reinstall over the top of your existing setup then it should keep your configuration.